Server Needed?

One thing I’ve been wondering lately is, do I need to actually run a server to maintain this, admittedly barebones, blog and, more importantly, my email? Right now, I do maintain a server. The server is pretty small, and it lives in the “cloud,” which is nice compared to having to keep the power on at home all the time and fight with my ISP to hold a static IP address. [Read More]

New Website

Hugo platform

I’ve moved to a new website generator, called Hugo. Quite simply, while I’m a huge fan of Pandoc, it seems to have lost the static blog generation competition. That’s because the other Markdown formats are getting better, or at least more flexible, while I thought I would have occasion to use things like Pandoc’s support for bibliographies and in-line citations.1 The other killer feature Pandoc had, besides footnotes, was math support, but that seems to not be an issue for other Markdown-based site generators anymore. [Read More]

E-mail service back

I managed to get the e-mail server working again. There were a huge number of changes related to new init scripts in the new version. I probably should have done a clean install instead of trying an upgrade.

[Read More]
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First Post

This is mostly just a first post to see if the whole system is working or if it isn’t. I don’t think there will be a comment system, since I’d much rather get comments by e-mail and actually engage in a discussion. I’d also rather that the inevitable spam bothers my mail servers / me and not you, dear reader. I’m also not sure how much I’ll write here, and what that will be. [Read More]