First Post

This is mostly just a first post to see if the whole system is working or if it isn’t.

I don’t think there will be a comment system, since I’d much rather get comments by e-mail and actually engage in a discussion. I’d also rather that the inevitable spam bothers my mail servers / me and not you, dear reader.

I’m also not sure how much I’ll write here, and what that will be. It might include some professional stuff. I’ve set this up to display math and source code well on modern browsers, for example, so it’s at least possible. On the other hand, there might be a lot more reflective (or even polemic?) writing, depending on what gets my goat that day.

I’ll try to make sure that the polemic stuff gets looked over before I post it to prevent my stepping in it too horribly. Of course, I urge your patience and forbearance if I do, in fact, step in it. Pointing out all errors of both commission and omission would be appreciated. My contact information is available from the nav bar at the top.