New Job

Return to Tech

Hi, everyone! I’ve decided to try out going back to the technology scene and so got a new job. As is usual, please be advised that All opinions expressed are mine and not those of my employer. Or, since I’m rejoining the tech industry #include <std_disclaimer.h> I really enjoyed working in litigation consulting, and maybe I’ll do something like that again someday. However, my new role lets me work on two really cool things: building distributed systems and keeping computer systems in line with the real world of physical objects. [Read More]

New Gig

As you probably haven’t been wondering, I’ve graduated from the Tuck School of Business and started a new gig. Since last month, I’ve been working as an economic and litigation consultant. Which is both cool and difficult to explain at cocktail parties.

The latter is unfortunate, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it with time.