Server Needed?

One thing I’ve been wondering lately is, do I need to actually run a server to maintain this, admittedly barebones, blog and, more importantly, my email? Right now, I do maintain a server. The server is pretty small, and it lives in the “cloud,” which is nice compared to having to keep the power on at home all the time and fight with my ISP to hold a static IP address. [Read More]

Writing tools

Lately, I’ve been using a new method for writing up my homework and other memorandum- or paper-like things I need to write. I’m not claiming I’m particularly good at writing, since I’m not, but this particular collection of tools seems to be helping me focus more on actual writing and less on formatting. It’s also helped me be a little more productive, since I can now work on things both with my desktop and my laptop. [Read More]

The Alfa AWUS036ac on Linux

A few months ago, I bought an Alfa AWUS036ac USB wireless adapter, since my desktop is no longer near an ethernet port. Some work is needed to help the thing be recognized as a wlan device on Ubuntu. Recent changes to GCC and libc, though, have made it a little more complicated than just following the instructions provided with the Linux driver. In the hope that someone might be helped a little bit by this, here’s what I did to get the AWUS036ac working on Ubuntu 15. [Read More]